Cartoon Network integrates ‘Mighty Magiswords’ with MagiMobile app

Have you ever had an app that was controlled by a TV show where you had to solve quests from the show through the app to win big and cross levels? MagiMobile is a new mobile application based on Cartoon Network India’s latest show – Mighty Magiswords, launched in May 2017. It’s an app that connects Mighty Magiswords’ multi-story world across platforms – a TV series of 11-minute episodes, 15-second interactive cartoons on Cartoon Network Anything, YouTube content and much more. Mighty Magiswords follows the adventures of sibling warriors, Prohyas and Vambre, who embark on manic missions to tackle quests using their Magiswords—weapons with unique and silly powers, like the ability to throw tomatoes or create boulders. This initiative offers an opportunity to get involved and interact with the show through the app. Your progress depends on your knowledge of the episodes; hence you must watch the show in order to play the game properly. Build your collection as the show goes; Use the MagiMobile app while watching episodes of Mighty Magiswords to unlock and collect brand-new Magiswords. You can browse your collection, learn about your Magiswords as they collect and upgrade their power. Play and explore even more through minigames, explore the map of Lyvsheria, meet a huge cast of characters, and win trophies to show off your accomplishments The MagiMobile app contains five-minute “choose-your-own-adventure” style “minisodes,” which allow users to select a character’s Magisword and create the story using their collection of the Magiswords Check out videos of Prohyas and Vambre’s adventures right in the app. You can even unlock Magiswords just by watching!The app is available over Android and iOS.