Cartoon Forum shares the lineup of 80 new projects from 19 countries

Cartoon Forum recently announced the line-up for the 2022 edition with 80 new TV series, mini-series, and TV spe­cials projects involv­ing inde­pen­dent stu­dios from 19 coun­tries. The sta­tis­tics remain sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous years. Short­list­ed from 137 sub­mis­sions, the 80 select­ed projects have a total bud­get of 367.2 M€ with an aver­age cost per project of 4,5M€; though the cost per minute of ani­ma­tion pro­duc­tion has slight­ly increased com­pared to 2021 (12,815 € per minute vs 11,887 € in 2021 – it’s com­ing back to the lev­el reached before the pan­dem­ic: 12,250 €).

Cartoon Forum will be taking place from 19-22 September 2022 in Toulouse, France. 

The countries of selected projects are:

  • 19 Euro­pean coun­tries (main pro­duc­tion)

About co-productions: 

  • 27 coun­tries in total: 19 main pro­duc­ers + Cana­da, Chile, Japan, Peru, Por­tu­gal, Unit­ed King­dom, Uruguay and USA as co-producers 
  • 35 projects (43 per cent) are co-pro­duc­tions, among them 20 projects (24 per cent) involve two or more countries.
  • Ger­many, Bel­gium, and France are the most active co-pro­duc­ers in Europe.

Here are some of the projects:

A few recognised professionals are working on the selected projects: For instance, Phil Mol­loy (cre­ative exec­u­tive of ​Bob the Builder) is work­ing as the scriptwriter on ​Max produced by Submarine. Marie Beard­more (writer of many successful TV series such as ​Angry Birds Toon or ​Son­ic Boom) is now the author and producer of ​Mervyn’s Album pro­duced by Kick the Door Pro­duc­tions. Reza Memari (writer of the beloved ​Richard the Stork) has writ­ten the script for ​The Last Whale Singer Series pro­duced by Telescope Animation.

Well known production companies are presenting their latest TV series: 

  • Cyber Group Studios with ​The Tern
  • Folivari with ​Nino Dino
  • Laïdak Films with ​Round and Round the Wish­ing Well (a sequel for ​Mum is pouring rain)
  • Letko with ​Happy not lucky 
  • TeamTO with ​Next Level: Odyssey
  • Wiggleywoo with ​Doopy doo
  • Wolkenlenker with ​Tiger and Bear 
  • Xilam Animation with ​Phil & Sophia

Two projects previously pitched at Cartoon Spring­board made it to Cartoon Forum:My Super­hero Husband produced by Addart Production (aka Funny Tales) and ​Best Friends Forever… Stranded! by Peek a boo Animation.
Supported by the Region Occitanie, Xbo films will present their new TV special project: Marcel, Father Christmas (and the Little Pizza Delivery Boy).

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