Captain Marvel joins the gang in new ‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer as quantum realm suits are revealed!

Even as we come to grips with Captain Marvel and her intergalactic escapade in her solo outing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has decided to whip up the frenzy by a notch higher and dropped the much anticipated Avengers: Endgame trailer! Exactly like in the first, it all begins with a despondent Tony reminiscing his journey as the Iron Man, followed up with the origins of other OGs like Captain America, Thor, Black Widow et al. However, interspersed between these visions are that of the present, where we could see Cap ruminating at an inconspicuous support group whereas Black Widow confronts the now transformed Hawkeye, aka Ronin. We are also served a timely reminder of the grim ramifications of Thanos’ decimation: Falcon, Wanda, Black Panther, Winter Soldier etc perishing to dust after the snap. But soon, the scenes cut to Avengers re-assembling and getting back in action- Ronin is fighting a lone battle in an ablaze canal; Thor wields his supercharged Stormbreaker; Rocket and Rhodey teaming up for a possible fight; Nebula crossing swords on a ramshackled land; Agent Romanoff refining her shooting skills; and finally, the Avengers sauntering through the air station in what’s possibly the quantum realm suits! The camera pans across the entire group, with Tony and Nebula in the mix too, suggesting they make their way back to earth safely and join up with the rest of the gang. Also, Thor particularly shares a cute moment with Captain Marvel, summoning his axe right under her nose even though she stands unperturbed and unmoved by the show of might! Soon, we will delve through the finer details of the clip in the upcoming breakdown story. So stay tuned! Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame releases on 26 April 2019.