Can ‘Lords Mobile’ define strategy gaming on the mobiles in India?

Gaming has come a long way in terms of consumption. With the penetration of smartphones in the Indian subcontinent, mobile is clearly emerging as the major platform when it comes to gaming. While casual gaming has been the staple for mobile games, more midcore games have been making a definite mark in the scenario, recently. So, if you’re looking for your next immersive gameplay experience on mobile, Lords Mobile is an excellent bet! With a medley of exciting features in one game, Lords Mobile combines elements of RPG, RTS and world building aspects. With several game modes at place, the PVP (Player vs Player) mode draws the most amount of traction as it presents the players with a competitive edge to further build upon. One can attack the bases of other guilds, obliterate their strongholds, scavenge their resources and capture their leaders. With more than 200 million registered players worldwide, the Indian scenario witnessed participation from around 17 million players from across the country. So, why should you choose Lords Mobile? Lords Mobile is a highly balanced game and not a pay to win like other 4x games out there. An active team of 100 players can form a guild, and grow very fast even without putting much money in. Wonder War, Darknest Rallies, hunting monsters, reaching Gold Heroes, reaching Top Spot in Colosseum and becoming an Overlord of your Kingdom – there are many ways to enjoy the game with your friends. With the advent of more and more esports events around mobile games in the country, it would be an opportune moment for players to get into the game and gear up! As the creators say, “The idea is to grow the Indian community into one of the most active across the world. Right now Chinese guilds, Russian guilds and South East Asian guilds dominate the game.” Hence playing Lords Mobile seriously should be amazing right now! Can you be a part of the best guild in India? And if the answer is yes, don’t forget to check out the dedicated community platform and join the facebook group. There is also a special joining bonus for the players trying this game out for first time, so download the game now!