Camp Google 2020 collaborates with kids’ favourite Chhota Bheem

Google has announced Camp Google 2020, a special initiative for kids and their parents to engage in fun and learning experiences together as the summer vacation this year has not been  regular for kids and hence their parents.  Kids are having an unusual experience as schools are closed, classes have shifted online, and meeting friends or playing outdoors is prohibited. To renew the joy and excitement among kids while they are at home, Google has announced Camp Google 2020. The programme offers an array of activities that combine real-world projects with virtual learning experiences, helping kids acquire digital skills while having fun and explore skills like painting, writing, storytelling, arts and crafts, coding and cooking. “We hope that the engaging activities we have lined up will bring back the excitement of summer for your kids, and help them develop skills and hobbies they can use all throughout the year. Wishing you safe, fun, and memorable times together,” posted Google senior director of marketing, southeast Asia & India Sapna Chadha. Beginning 1 July and over the course of the following two weeks, there will be five assignments that kids can access on the Camp Google 2020 website, and Google’s social media page, which will be accompanied by a set of instructions that will answer all your “how to” questions. Each of these assignments will also include elements that teach kids to stay safe online, with guidance on how to be a good digital citizen. The popular character and kids favourite Chhota Bheem will demonstrate basics of storytelling to kids. “We have collaborated with Google India for Camp Google 2020, it is two engaging weeks of interactive activities and assignments which will enable kids to make the most of their time at home and one of the theme is ‘Expressing through Storytelling’. Google has been a long standing partner and we are proud to be a part of this initiative. We hope kids will enjoy this camp and learn some great stuff.” Green Gold Animation CEO Rajiv Chilaka. Google hopes to bring back the excitement of summer for kids with excitement and provide them with plenty of things to learn and do at home.