‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ to roll out season three of the battle royale mode

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the  fast growing online battle royale multiplayer titles that also recently won Google Play’s Best of 2019 winner’s award. Activision to roll out new additions of the game which have been officially revealed. Season three of the battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile is now confirmed to roll out for the game by mid-January. The new season will also bring new maps, a new ranked mode season for BR and MP, a new Battle Pass, and more. With the new update a new map called Scrapyard will soon be introduced in the multiplayer mode. This will be the first map to be released in Season 3 and is a recreation of the classic three lane Modern Warfare 2 map.The medium sized map is said to be aimed towards close to mid-range combat opportunities. A new Rapid Fire mode will also be introduced in the multiplayer mode, wherein players will get access to infinite ammo, infinite grenades, sped up operator skill cooldowns, and faster recharging scorestreaks. This new mode promises fast paced gameplay and will be a limited time mode available for everyone when Season 3 launches.