‘Call of Duty Mobile’ to introduce a new map Rust

Call of Duty Mobile is going to introduce a new map. Called Rust, Activision has released the snapshot and other details of the map. It’s worth noting that Rust is a popular map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. “Lastly, the open west end features cover to the north and south, but is largely open to attack in the middle, save for a blue container offering a short, covered path along the middle edge. While the open sight lines mean fewer close-quarters surprises, this section is near open ground to enemies on the tower. Always, always check the tower,” Activision said in a blog post.   Rust is a small-sized map set in oil yard in a desert. The map features a large central tower that overlooks the map and its elements. Rust was being tested in CoD Mobile’s test server along with Kill Confirmed, Capture The Flag, and a one-on-one map called Saloon.  Besides Rust, the update will also introduce a brand new “Saloon” map with the update. There will be a “one versus one” game mode exclusive to the Saloon map. In this game mode, you’ll compete with only a single player over and over again until the time runs out. The one to get maximum kills will be the winner. Aside from that, there are changes to way bundles, crates, and lucky draws work. These will now all be packaged together. However, they will offer different content and what had been released in them previously, may no longer be included. Though they haven’t yet confirmed the date for the new update, the in-game battle pass ends on Friday, 1 May  – so it should be released then.