Bungie: ‘Destiny 2’ to have armour transmogrification

Bungie revealed changes coming in Year 4 of Destiny 2 as they are is planning changes for microtransactions, weapons, armour, and core activities in the game. The dev will be adding armour transmogrification to Destiny 2, which will enable players to transform their armour into universal ornaments. Players will be able to do so with in-game progress or by buying Silver. Transmogrification feature is in early stages of development and the dev will announce further details soon. While many agree the current version is more transparent and fair than years past, recent in-game events have skewered things a little too much in Eververse’s favour, with a large assortment of items that can only be obtained through the store. In response, Bungie outlined more major changes for Eververse in the weekly blog post. In the post, game director Luke Smith said that the balance between rewards earned through activities and those that can be bought “is not where we want it to be.” The biggest addition outlined in the post is the arrival of transmogrification in Destiny 2. The feature allows players to turn any of the armour they own into ornaments that can change the look of other armour pieces, similar to ornaments bought and earned in the game. Players will have the option to use the paid currency, Silver, or other currencies earned in-game to do this. Transmogrification is expected at some point in Year 4, and is still early in development, so many specifics are being figured out. Legendary Weapon Ornaments are being removed from Eververse, as well.