Bublar releases new trailer for the AR location-based MMORPG ‘Otherworld Heroes’

Augmented reality gaming studio Bublar Group has released the new trailer for the fantasy-based mobile game Otherworld Heroes . Bublar’s proprietary MMO-platform, 3D maps and a unique game concept are the pillars of this real-world AR-game production. All players share the same game world, where fantasy is mixed with reality. Otherworld Heroes is a location-based mobile game, played outdoors, and uses the phone’s GPS- location to navigate in-game. The platform allows players to join forces all around the world in one shared game world. In Otherworld Heroes, one will explore the world around them, fighting with evil monsters and experiencing epic quests with peers.
The technology provides a unique mobile MMO experience Bublar develops products and services based on XR technology. At the bottom of this first social MMORPG mobile game is the game engine Unity combined with Bublar’s MMO-gaming platform. The technology is built to handle large user volumes where real-time users create and interact with data linked to real-world locations. The underlying architecture allows Bublar to create MMO games which can unite millions of players in one shared game environment. Bublar has also developed a proprietary map system based on OpenStreetMap that gives the company the opportunity to create imaginative 3D maps adapted for each game. Earlier this year, the game has been beta tested by approximately 5,000 players spread out in 70 countries – resulting with very good response and valuable feedback. Otherworld Heroes is planned to be soft launched towards the end of 2019 / early 2020 in strategically selected markets for both iOS and Android. This location-based MMORPG is free-to-play, with the possibility to enrich the in-game experience through in-app purchases (IAP), and advertising revenue through rewarded ads in-game to unlock or speed-up certain game content.