Bublar opens beta test for upcoming mobile game ‘Otherworld Heroes’

Bublar Group today opens the second beta test of the mobile game Otherworld Heroes. The game is built on Bublar’s proprietary gaming platform and is the world’s first location-based MMORPG where players can both see and collaborate with each other on the map. Further development of Otherworld Heroes has been ongoing since the first beta test in April 2019 and in the fourth quarter the last major building blocks were completed for the beta test, which is now underway before launch later in 2020. During the autumn, the Otherworld Heroes trailer was published which has had a good traction on social media. Marketing activities have started to build knowledge of the game ahead of launch. “We started this journey with a dream to build a fantastic and innovative location-based game that will end up in a sweet spot in the best of worlds from World of Warcraft and Pokémon GO. Thanks to the team’s hard work and magically valuable feedback from our players from the first test period, we have managed to create the world’s first and largest location-based MMORPG where the entire planet forms the playing field,” said Bublar Group game studio director, Wictor Hattenbach. The first beta test was conducted in April 2019 when the technology was thoroughly tested to get concrete, valuable feedback. Data was collected from over 6,000 players from 70 countries with good feedback and good KPIs as a basis and validation for further development of the game. During the upcoming beta test period, everyone who participated in the first test period will be re-invited. The players who remain active with their heroes in the game will be able to continue and bring their “in-game progression” into the next test period. New players will be welcomed into the game, and everyone who has registered via the game’s website  partly through paid user acquisition in strategically selected markets and locations around the world according to the game’s launch strategy. The new beta version of the location-based game MMORPG for iOS and Android includes more missions, new enemies, resources to push players on in their adventures through multiple worlds of the game (so-called Dimensions), which is a big difference to the first beta version in which players only got to experience the first world. Several new features are added where players in teams can take on different challenges. The game also supports new social features, including Clans, often referred to as “guilds” in other games where players can form teams through their clan affiliation and together fight enemies, gather resources and solve missions to unlock unique rewards.