BRB to distribute the new season of animation series ‘Lilly The Witch’

Lilly The WitchBRB International and ohm:tv have concluded an agent’s agreement for the new season of Lilly the Witch, based on the renowned bestselling children’s book series lead by this cheeky little sorceress. BRB will manage the rights of the series in selected European countries, Spain and Portugal amongst them, as well as in Canada, Latin America, Australia and Asia. The new season of Lilly the Witch (26 x 22’) will offer more thrilling adventures regarding this famous little girl who can travel through time and space.  With brand new designs for characters and settings, audiences will get a glimpse of the updated and modernised image of Lilly and her friend Hector, a chubby little dragon and the caretaker of a magic book. Viewers will be virtually transported from Egypt to China, Japan and Peru… or even to some exciting and amazing events such as the Olympic Games, as well as meeting memorable characters along the way such as Aladdin. Targeted at six to nine year olds, the series is produced by German animation producer TRIXTER in cooperation with broadcasters WDR and ORF and production companies DOR FILM in Austria and AT-Anim in Belgium.