Brace yourselves Deadpool fans, the first look of ‘Cable’ is finally here!

Just over a week since unveiling the first look of Zazie Beetz as the Domino in the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel, Ryan Reynolds joins the conveyor belt of revelations after a huge disclosure. Whilst we all knew Cable would be the pantomime villain in Deadpool 2, Reynolds has let the cat out of the bag when he revealed how Josh Brolin, who portrays the antagonist, would look in the movie. On the face of it, Brolin (who also plays Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War) does appear intimidating. The glowing bionic left eye with three-pronged scar above the right one is unnerving, though he has received brickbats from the fans for his antiquated hair style. Cable is one of the most awaited characters in the Marvel universe, for he and Deadpool go back a long time in the comics. Whilst the estranged baddie finally makes his on-screen appearance, this first look has already stirred up a hornet’s nest! A Twentieth Century Fox distribution, Deadpool 2 is currently in production and will roll into cinemas on 1 June 2018.