BOT VFX’s 10th anniversary was all fun and frolic

Chennai based VFX studio, BOT VFX turned 10 on 7 July this year. Known for its upbeat persona and quirky approach to work as well as play, no stone was left unturned to celebrate the much awaited occasion. Dubbed ‘BOT Xpressions’, the affair was a gala event which was full of elegance, humour, boundless fun and a whole lot of heart. The evening was nothing less than a star-studded affair, with every guest perfectly dressed for the occasion and a thoughtfully curated reception and entertainment programme. The guest list included some 500 names that spanned over an eclectic mix of dignitaries, industry greats and alumni, along with friends and families of BOT. Among the dignitaries who graced the programme was US Consul General Robert Burgess, Disney illustrious ILM facility executive Gretchen Libby, renowned consultant and professor Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth and Chennai’s serial entrepreneur Abhayakumar Jain. The energy and warm vibe of the event enabled the crowd to loosen its proverbial tie to have some fun bringing the company’s distinct humorous and quirky personality to the fore.  Going far from the corporate world’s stodgy power-point slideshows and canned introductions, BOT’s three founders (Deepak Bohra, Hitesh Shah and Sreyans Bardia) surprised the audience with some dance moves garnering some loud cheerings from the audience which set the tone for the rest of the evening. Apart from the dance performances, the event also saw a book launch and words of wisdom from the dignitaries including Gretchen Libby’s speech and Dr. Sheth’s talk on the power of human passion stirred the souls. On a lighter note, humorous company videos left the room roaring with laughter. The event also had a surreal LED light and music performance accompanied by the live band that played some of the most revered film scores. Also screened was BOT’s very own take on ‘The Mannequin Challenge’, featuring many of the company’s early employees. The creativity and production quality of the video kept the audience hooked.
From left to right: Hitesh Shah, Deepak Bohra and Sreyans Bardia lighting the lamp.
As a creative studio that houses hundreds of artists, encouraging them to do something incredible has always been a priority for BOT and thus the event saw the launch of an inspiring book- Drishya: The BOT Book of Art, (by US Consul General Burgess) chronicling the personal artworks created by BOT employees. But the party wasn’t over yet as the formal programme was followed by an ‘after-party’ that went to a whole new level. The entire audience got on stage and danced the night away to live music and video DJ.   “We worked very hard to make this event memorable and a statement of the pride we have in our entire BOT family”, notes  Bardia.