Bizzy Baby Media is India’s first smart 2D animation studio

Situated in Parel, Mumbai, Bizzy Baby Media is a digital media and smart 2D animation studio that specialises in high-quality content creation and a wide-spread distribution. Their services range from concept development, production, co-production, distribution, social media exploitation, audience development, licensing, merchandising and a lot more in the emerging digital space.

The studio started with the simple expression of creative freedom and from a team of only five people and never-ending start-up battles, Bizzy Baby is now a team of a solid 35 and hopes to increase their family count to 100 soon.

Murtuza Kutianawalla

Bizzy Baby Media founder and director Murtuza Kutianawalla explains how going from a creator to a businessman was not an easy transition. However, he adds that challenges were exciting and the animation vertical has been very warm and welcoming.

Coming from a theatre background and starring in a popular Disney show called Best of Luck Nikki, the young entrepreneur wanted to break the shackles of production level problems to achieve his vision, “And what better way than animation!” he thought. “The endless possibilities in animation excites me,” says he.“With education and entertainment being the biggest industry, it also opens up a lot of opportunities in gaming, VR, AR and merchandising.”

Bizzy Baby Media chief content officer Partha Dutta believes that everybody is creative and ensures to give exposure to everyone. “Every individual in our company contributes towards creating and it has really worked wonders for us in getting the best creative inputs from the people least expected,” exclaimed Dutta.

Bizzy Baby is committed to breaking the outlook of the world towards the Indian animation market as just a moving-images service provider and become the end-to-end producers of intellectual properties.

The team abides by its motto: ‘Be Content. Be Curious. Be Bizzy’ which translates into ‘Live the content world. Question everything. Don’t waste time thinking. Make it happen.”

Drawing its inspiration from the vision of Walt Disney and the works of Pixar, Bizzy Baby Media is working with many of the top media houses in India and are creating, co-producing and launching many exciting intellectual properties.

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