Bisbo India inks a deal with Jio to air animated news on JioNews

Due to the increase in consumption of digital content and rise in digital audiences, many platforms are upping their game to serve better content and on a larger scale. Following the trend, Bisbo India, the first animated news content channel in India, has entered into a collaboration with Jio Platforms Limited, Mukesh Ambani-run-content umbrella. With this MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), JioNews has begun to air Bisbo’s animated video explainers across their various verticals. Commenting on this partnership, Bisbo India founder Shakir Ebrahim said, “JioNews will populate our videos in English and eight other Indian regional languages exposing us to JioNews’ vast audience. We’re aiming for that exposure to Jio’s subscriber base.” JioNews is one of the offerings from Jio Platforms, that streams news content to all Jio mobile users as part of the bundle of offerings in the Jio App. These offerings are free for all Jio subscribers, who’ve crossed more than 387.5 million in number, as of December 2019.
Shakir Ebrahim
“During lockdown, our news videos started trending on YouTube and getting positive responses. Thus, the collaboration with a popular digital brand like Jio, will only create more awareness for us. We will continue with our focus on combining news and current affairs with animation, making entertaining, yet detailed and analytical content for our users”, Ebrahim added. Bisbo India has been publishing animated video explainers on news and current affairs for the last four years. The channel saw immense growth in viewership during the nationwide lockdown, with a watch time of over 60 million minutes per month across their different channels. Bisbo has a combined subscription base of approx 1.5 million subscribers, with 125 million views across nine channels in eight different Indian languages. It is the only producer of news content in animated format. Bisbo was awarded the “Best Startup in Asia” in 2018-19.