Bhargava Pictures partners with DaanaDharma for ‘Sriman Rama’, animated series based on Rama’s childhood

National award winning film production house Bhargava Pictures in association with cultural organisation DaanaDharma have announced their joint venture, (currently in development) 2D animated action series Sriman Rama targeted for broadcast and digital platforms worldwide. 

The animated series is going to be an exhilarating action drama based on the childhood adventures of Rama along with his brothers and pals during his times at Gurukul Ashram.

Commenting on the series, creator and director Satyakashi Bhargava stated, “This is the first ever series on the childhood of Rama. He is considered to be the greatest human to have ever lived owing to his superhuman qualities. He is the first action star of the universe and the greatest archer that the world ever knows. His qualities are as contemporary as they were some thousands of years ago. This series depicts the childhood adventures and engagements of Rama along with his three brothers and best pals during his stint at Sage Vasishta’s Gurukul, narrated in an exhilarating and enthralling way. We want to celebrate the childhood of Rama in an exuberant format that the present kids can cherish for a lifetime. We want to build a franchise on the show. I believe a drop of Rama in us will surely make this world a better place. We want to bring this philosophy for the next generation. Currently, the production is going on and we target to release it later this year.”

The DaanaDharma team further added, “DaanaDharma is proud to announce this project and we want to explore more possibilities of this association with Bhargava Pictures. We have plans to extend this to multiple formats and are looking forward to more collaborations pan India. This will surely be a treasure for kids that entertains them like never before.”