Bento Box Entertainment opens new studio

Bento Box Entertainment, the studio behind creating Bob’s Burgers series, is launching Bento Box Digital Studios with the aim of creating digital and mobile format content. The Emmy winning animation studio made this announcement at the Digital Entertainment World conference on 11 February. Along with this new studio, Bento Box Digital Studios also announced that it will be entering an exclusive partnership with leading virtual reality company Littlestar to produce, curate and distribute immersive animated VR content. A branded animation channel, powered by Littlestar’s technology with content from Bento Box, will also be launched. This channel will be available as a stand-alone app, on Littlestar’s network and Bento Box platforms. Bento Box Entertainment is known to produce animated comedy series for broadcast, cable and digital networks and distribution companies like Comedy Central, Lionsgate, FOX Broadcasting Company, MTV, HBO, Disney and 20th Century Fox Television Studio. The mother company aims to expand and increase the reach of its content across all digital platforms. It has also enhanced its content pack with series like The Pandas, The Damn Show and Glove & Boots and with a new studio coming up much more content can be expected. Bob's Burgers