Bengaluru B2B AVGC Summit 2017 Pitch Final Names Announced

The suspense has ended today with the announcement of the names of the short listed companies which have got through for the animation and gaming pitch organised under the aegis of ABAI’s Bengaluru B2B AVGC summit 2017. The association has got the full support of the Karnataka government for the summit.

International broadcasters, investors, production studios and OTT platforms like Disney, Hotstar, Amazon,CBBC,Turner and many more are participating in the summit which is to be held on 16 and 17 November 2017 at ITC Windsor Manor hotel, Bangalore. The pitch deadline was initially 6 November, 2017. It was later extended to 8 November due to high public demand. Out of the plethora of entries which poured in from across the nation, 105 pitches have been shortlisted from 66 animation and gaming studios. The announced list of finalists for the pitch is available on the following link: The ABAI organising team issued thanks to everyone who submitted their pitches through a press note. It also congratulated all the finalists and encouraged them to get ready to realise their dreams. A consolidated list of 15 buyers across the world has been already announced and there will be more announcements tomorrow as well. It includes names like Zia Bales from Turner Broadcasting,Avrill Stark from A Stark Production,Aaron Davidson from Amazon Studios to name a few. In the next phase, the matchmaking session between the pitchers and  buyers will be done by ABAI and the slots will be announced on or before 14 November 2017.