Belle witness French Revolution in Disney historical fiction

Disney fan blog has a theory about how Beauty and the Beast leading lady, Belle would have fared in the French Revolution. With these theories, the spinoff ideas of happily ever after are rising. Disney will show extensions of the stories with new historical fiction series for young adults titled The Queen’s Council, which posits a new answer to what comes after the happy ending not just for Belle, but for other Disney princesses, like Mulan and Jasmine. The first release in The Queen’s Council stars Belle. Rebel Rose is set after the events of Beauty and the Beast, and Belle finds herself in Paris. Specifically, she’s there during the French Revolution. From debut author Emma Theriault, Rebel Rose not only puts Belle in the midst of the French Revolution, but also touches on magic and the clash she feels as a commoner in this new role. Rebel Rose will go on shelves on 11 November.