‘Batman Arkham Legacy’ rumoured to be unveiled at The 2019 Game Awards

Warner Bros. might finally be ready to reveal their next Batman Arkham Legacy game next month, according to the latest rumours. It’s been nearly five years since the last major Batman game came out and ever since we have been drowning in rumours regarding Warner’s next entry in the Arkham franchise. This rumour comes from Youtuber ‘Slcmof’, who claims to have received insider information on the reveal of the much rumoured ‘Batman: Arkham Legacy’. According to Slcmof, the game is set to be revealed at The 2019 Game Awards. This information comes via an insider known as ‘Gabe’, who previously leaked the, ultimately cancelled, Damian Wayne Batman game alongside Slcmof. Apparently, this information comes from the same source that leaked the cancelled Damian Wayne game, so there’s a good chance it’s reliable. Previous rumours have been somewhat consistent, claiming that this new game will be inspired by the Court of Owls storyline from the comics, which saw Batman face a shadowy organisation that had been secretly controlling Gotham City for centuries. That also matches up with a mysterious series of tweets from Warner Bros. Games Montreal, which had a very short video that just showed off various symbols, one of which at least seemed to be connected to the Court of Owls.