‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – What the latest trailer tells us

Last weekend, Marvel greeted us with the highly anticipated trailer of Avengers: Infinity War that gave a greater insight into the devastation that Thanos is going to inflict on the planet and misery on our beloved heroes. The Mad Titan’s ravenous pursuit of the six infinity stones would even possibly see some of them biting the bullet, as Marvel prepares to ice the cake it’s spent the last decade baking. “It all ends,” says a voice in the trailer, and the upcoming Infinity War, the first of the two parts, is the harbinger of this epic finale. So here are some deductions we can make from its latest trailer. 1. Wakanda fields a considerable portion of this war There’s a reason why Black Panther was the last movie of the MCU before the Infinity War. We were shown about Wakanda’s isolation from the rest of the world and its mere existence as a parallel universe would serve as a more favourable place to wage the war without incurring colossal damage on the rest of the world (although we know, on the back of the mind, that is eventually going to happen). So acting as a neutral site, the hermit African kingdom is going to turn into a bloodshed as the trailers suggest, with Thanos’ scavenging army of the Outriders wreaking havoc up hill and down dale. 2. Bruce Banner is supposedly under that Hulkbuster suit In Thor: Ragnarok, we’ve seen Banner chivvying about how he despises turning back into Hulk after having remained in the beast’s body for two years or so. Considering that, the Hulkbuster suit shown in the trailers may actually have Banner piloting it rather than Tony Stark. Although it’s only a speculation and we’ve already had a vision of him running alongside other Avengers in the previous trailer, it just may happen that when the Outriders overpower him and pin him onto the ground, that’s when he once again turns into the green monster and tears through the suit. Now again, it’s only a speculation. 3. Doctor Strange’s torture scene is a straight rip-off from comics   Although it isn’t necessary for everything to pan out exactly the way it does in the comics, the new teaser that shows Doctor Strange being put to pain by the Black Order member Ebony Maw, for the record, is directly lifted off the pages of the comic book. In one of the events in the book Infinity Gauntlet, Maw tries to extract information about the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones from the Sorcerer Supreme with his incredible power of persuasion. And not only that, he hypnotises Strange and turns him into a double agent against the other Avengers! In the trailers, Doctor Strange could be seen in agonising pain as Maw uses mirror dimension to torture him by piercing those shards into his face while the Eye of Agamotto is apparently missing from his outfit. However, what’s left to be seen is if Maw really turns Strange against his fellow heroes in the movie too. 4. Backstory of Thanos The new clip begins with Gamora, one of Thanos’ adopted daughters, reminiscing the Mad Titans ambitions she constantly overheard while growing up under his custody. Further into the trailer, we also see how Thanos takes a young Gamora away with her, while the rest of the Zen-Whoberis prepare for the genocide that his army would mercilessly carry out. That means we’d be enlightened more about Thanos and Gamora’s relationship and how it all began. Now this in turn, would also tease the Mad Titan’s rise to prominence, something that’s kept under close wraps all this while. 5. Still no word on Hawkeye “Where the hell is he,” was the common voice emerging from the Marvel fanbase after the first official trailer was out. The Superbowl clip too refused to bring Hawkeye to light. But the speculations could now be heard above the din after the third and possibly the final trailer of the movie too, didn’t showcase a shadow of the bow-wielding Avenger. Although Jeremy Renner has confirmed his appearance in the movie last year and there is actually no discerning reason to chuck him out from the ensemble, the fans are curious to know why hasn’t he been glimpsed in any of the clips. There are several questions lingering in the air about him, but the studios have kept mum on the issue. So maybe, one may have to satisfy his curiosity only come 27 April! Based on Marvel Comics, Avengers: Infinity War is produced by Marvel Studios and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.