Audeze partners with Echo Fox to enhance gaming audio experience in esports

Audeze, the manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones, has announced the official partnership with esports organization and media company, Echo Fox. With a commitment to innovation and best-in-class audio solutions, Audeze will equip Echo Fox teams with Mobius, the critically acclaimed immersive cinematic gaming headphone that features Audeze planar magnetic drivers and Waves Nx 3D audio technologies. Echo Fox is home to some of the top esports players in the world across multiple titles, including League of Legends, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Echo Fox’s drive to develop the best esports athletes and celebrate their achievements aligns with the Audeze brand, lauded by music industry professionals and video game critics for their premium quality, precision, and excellence. “We are happy to welcome an award-winning partner in Audeze to the Echo Fox family,” said Echo Fox co-owner and three-time NBA champion┬áRick Fox. Earlier this year, Audeze announced the continued expansion of the Mobius platform with plans to release Head Gesture Keybinds in 2019, promoting further immersion and customisability for gamers beyond a mouse and keyboard. “Audeze has always been defined by our commitment to innovation and our passion for creating best-in-class listening experiences. “Audeze is very delighted to partner with Echo Fox, an esports organization whose drive and passion for excellence matches our own,” stated Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram. By partnering with the distinguished esports athletes at Echo Fox, Audeze to showcase its commitment to developing Mobius and elevating gaming audio.