‘Assassin’s Creed’ movie trailer: The Spanish inquisition is here

There will be two movies releasing this year which will be from the gaming universe. First would be Blizzard’s Warcraft, which will be releasing on 25 May and the other movie which has been highly anticipated is Assassin’s Creed.  Finally, the first trailer of the movie has been released and though the story doesn’t draw much inspiration from the game as such but the ambience and sequences are bound to give you an absolute feel of the fantastic aspects and the open world of the game (if you have played or watched it). The trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show has Michael Fassbender filling the shoes of the lead assassin Callum Lynch and also features Marion Cotillard. The movie is being directed by famed MacBeth director, Justin Kurzel and cinematographer Adam Arkapaw.
The story revolves around Callum Lynch, who is abducted by an organisation named Abstergo Industries, who are the modern face of a secret organisation named the ‘Knight’s Templar’, for the animus project, where he surveys the memories of one of his ancestor named Aguilar and discovers that he is the descendant of a secret society of assassins, while gaining skills that of a master assassin. The trailer beautifully blends in the spick and span modern world with the charm of the old ages. There seems to be a lot of roof jumping as well as jump-executions, just like the game. The protagonist can be seen wielding two blades that look familiar too, isn’t it? Other than that, the action sequences seem just about perfect and so are the looks of the characters, which definitely adds up to its credibility. To create this game based movie that’s set in a completely different era, there was an undoubted need for visual effects team. And to deliver that Double Negative’s Graham Page, Cinesite’s Christian Irles and Milk VFX’s Sara Bennett have been roped in as the VFX supervisors for their respective studios. With these eminent VFX houses working on this project, we can surely expect that some amazing visuals will be seen on the large screens. The fact that the film is being produced by Ubisoft and Frank Marshall, who created their own film production team just for the movie, proves that they really want to do a good job with their indigenous franchise (and are probably planning to make sequels). The film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox and is scheduled to release on 21 December, 2016. For now, we just have to feast our eyes upon the first trailer of the film and oh yes! This poster. assasin's-creed.