Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry to find home in Ubisoft’s theme park in Malaysia

With a movie lined up for the next year, Ubisoft has plans to now make the gaming company into an entertainment business. Ubisoft has partnered with Malaysian-based company RSG to develop a next-gen theme park in Malaysia. Set to open in 2020, the theme park is supposed to be a first of its kind in the world and will be an indoor park situated right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The cost and content of the park is yet to be finalized but all the 15 Ubisoft IPs will be considered for the use in the park. The park isn’t all about just playing Ubisoft games as it will engage users with the activities and rides centered around its IPs. “We intend to make full use of Ubisoft’s 30 years of experience of making people constantly returning to play our games; and impart the same concept with the park,” said Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Senior VP, Jean de Rivičres in a statement. Assassin's Creed RSG Group is a Malaysian theme park company which is best known for its collaboration with DreamWorks and a Malaysian animation studio responsible for the creation of BoBoiBoy. South East Asia is home to already three theme parks with Legoland in Johor, Universal Studios in Singapore and Disneyland in HongKong and more are planned in the near future. Ubisoft’s theme park will only complement these parks and more such world class parks are needed in this region in Malaysia according to RSG chairman Ramelle Ramli. The team from Ubisoft is currently in Malaysia for brainstorming session with the folks at RSG to iron out finer details on the theme park. Construction is expected to start work from late-2016 to early-2017.