Artists share their thoughts through comic to cheer you up amidst the panic

It is surely a difficult time for the entire human race on this planet. But fear not, it will only increase anxiety. Consider this time as a boon to us humans from our daily chaotic, busy life. The me-time we have been craving for, the social distancing we always wished for. Stay at home, spend time with your family, call your near and dear ones whom you always wish to but couldn’t due to your busy routine. The coronavirus pandemic has sure created havoc and spread fear amongst all, but it’s not the time to panic. Cleanliness, self-care and the good old habits our parents taught us are here to our rescue. Few comic artists have put up their thoughts on this crisis, trying to make citizens aware about the care that needs to be taken and the hope and positivity that needs to be imbibed amongst everybody. Abhijeet Kini Studios founder Abhijeet Kini shared with us this super cool comic stating the importance of the values being imparted to us all since ages. The good old wise monkeys tell us all how to cope with Covid-19. Monkey Ink Blots founder Ahmed Sikander too shares his views to create awareness through this lovely cute comic for AnimationXpress. Indie comic artist Rahul Bhandare in his comic says nothing about the current situation, but rightly depicts how hope can make you cross mountains and face difficulties. His comic title says ‘Time will change’. Instagram comic artists are taking this opportunity to put their thoughts on paper and reduce the panic caused amongst humans. Medha Srivastava posted a sketch captioning how important it is for us all to fight the situation together. “Patience but not panic.” Another instagrammer in her sketch shows how important is this social distancing for us and for mother earth to rest a bit. The comic not just asks you to be at peace but also to make the most of your nature-given serendipity. The caption which reads, “Mother Earth is resting, so should you” rightly shows the current condition and urges all to stay at home and rest. Many of you may be having some ideas too. Go get your sketch pad, scribble a comic and share with us. We will put it up if it shares a strong, positive message. Together #letsfightcoronavirus, and spread love, compassion, hope and good health to all. Stay safe, but don’t miss out on life.