Artella, a cloud based animation platform, bridges the gap between artists and creators

Animated, live action or even short films for that matter are often made by artists spread across the globe. Often it occurs that a single film has directors, producers and artists working from different corners of the world. It is a common trend in the AVGC industry today but communication and simulation of information becomes a task when such distance and time barriers are in play. With efficient technology available, this task has been simplified a bit and back and forth of data has now become a routine. To add to this pool of technology, Artella, a cloud-based solution for creating animated films, video games, and virtual reality projects, has opened its tentacles for a worldwide access. Artella aims to streamline these long distance and time consuming type of productions with integrated communication, file management, and review tools. The platform provides template-based workflows tailored to films, video games and virtual reality content, and integrates seamlessly with popular production software including Autodesk’s Maya, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, and Foundry’s Nuke. Founders of Animation Mentor, an online animation school, Bobby Beck, Carlos Baena and Shawn Kelly launched worldwide access to this new production platform as they aimed to bridge the gap between creators and artists in the animation industry. Artrella 2 Connecting the right creative people is a paramount need in this creative industry. To supplement the same, Artella will allow virtual studios to form creative teams — writers, directors, animators, storyboarders, software engineers — made up of personnel from various global locations who work together online. Bobby Beck commented, “We simply wanted to find a way to bring them together from anywhere in the world and to give way to a new form of collaborative production studio.” In some way, the whole idea for Artella was sparked by the desire to provide a virtual space for graduating students of Animation Mentor to find and collaborate with others. However, it will get artists from other backgrounds too as it is an open platform. As per the revelations from the company, the first 90 days on Artella’s platform will be free, with a $10-$30 monthly subscription fee per seat afterward. A similar platform is under development by Nimble Collective, which wants to provide a similar collaborative pipeline allowing artists to work in the cloud.