Arsenal Player Mesut Ozil and Kolasinac streams ‘Fortnite’ during Coronavirus quarantine

Arsenal duo Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac along with PSG star Draxler have taken to streaming Fortnite given the air of coronavirus threat around Europe’s top Football leagues. Image result for mesut ozil Coronavirus has caused shockwaves of fear into the hearts of millions across the planet, prompting authorities to take tough steps in order to call off any form of mass gatherings to prevent further spreading of this pandemic. Post the revelation of several cases in England including newly appointed Gunner’s manager Mikel Arteta, football leagues delayed the games as a precautionary measure. Artera shared on his twitter account, “Thanks for your words and support.Feeling better already.We’re all facing a huge & unprecedented challenge.Everyone’s health is all that matters right now.Protect each other by following the guidelines & we’ll come through this together.Well done PL for making the right decisions” Ozil tweeted about playing live with Kolasinac and Draxler on Twitch, as his stream was joined by hordes of fans who missed him on the pitch but got engaged in another sport. The trio had lots of fun in the entirety of the stream, although fans looked askance over their skills in Fortnite.
Watch Highlight: Mesut Ozil plays Fortnite from mesutozil on Ozil is probably continue streaming as the fog of uncertainty clouds the arrival of the Premier League.