ARK Infosolutions hosts V-Ray days in partnership with Chaos Group

ARK Infosolutions in partnership with Chaos Group is hosting V-Ray Days from 6 to 10 November 2017 in Bangalore and Mumbai. V-Ray days provides a platform to learn the recent developments on V-Ray releases and the future of rendering technology and sharing advanced knowledge. ARK Infosolutions has been associated with Chaos Group for over a decade now. ARK constantly strives to bring exceptional value to the Indian professionals and strengthen relationships with them. Through such events there is constant evolution which attracts countrywide attention by professionals from various industries. The V-Ray Days has become a recognisable brand and a synonym for knowledge in this industry. “Today V-Ray is already capable of being an integral part of the design process, helping repeat and proof concepts and visualise every stage of developing an idea from an early stage. And while this is the present of designing across the world, the future holds wider possibilities of integration into the thought and work processes of those who create and evolve our environment,” said ARK Infosolutions director and CEO Rishi Khemka. “Through this partnership, we get everything within reach to help Indian professionals in the process of making better, more effective and flexible future technologies,” he further states. Chaos Group channel marketing expert Alexander Karakshev added, “We see India as an integral part of the V-Ray process and an adopter of the most evolved technologies. We partner with Indian companies to further enhance its exceptional growth and development potential and spread the latest developments of the industry across architecture, design, VFX, animation and games sector.” V-Ray Architecture Day and V-Ray VFX and Animation Day in Bangalore and Mumbai features a 90-minute masterclasses by CG specialist Kalina Panteleeva on V-Ray in Revit, SketchUp, 3ds Max and Maya, a special masterclass on V-Ray RT GPU and Phoenix FD 3.4. Adebeo’s Narayan Shevni bringing the latest news on SketchUp, while YellowDog’s Tom Rockhil shows the benefits of scaling up rendering in the cloud. The roadshow has special guests from Prime Focus World, DSK International, eClerx, Diadeis and others. Chaos Group and ARK Infosolutions country manager Percy Daruwalla says,“Logically Chaos Group were looking for such a partner in India – possessing a detailed knowledge of the market and various industries our products apply to, also possessing the right experience and corporate culture to fit their constant drive towards innovation and product excellence.” The team at ARK comes as a natural choice – with the dedicated specialists in sales, marketing and technical support. It has the reputation of a prime M&E, AEC and MFG distributor, helping world-renowned vendors increase their footprint in India’s vast market (territorially and as industry size). “ARK saw in Chaos Group a strong and dynamic industry leader to complement our portfolio excellency. In hindsight, it has been a win-win situation and a mutually enriching relationship all along” added Percy.