Arena Animation announced the launch of a new center in Yelahanka, Bangalore

Arena Animation has been a pioneer in animation and VFX training across the country and has the potential to offer students an opportunity to learn 3D animation, VFX, multimedia, graphic and web designing, from the leading experts of the industry. In order to cater to the growing need of animators in various segments, the center will offer advanced cinematic courses in animation, visual effects and multimedia. Some of the flagship courses such as – AD3D EDGE, ADMD, VFX Plus, Max Pro and Maya Pro will be available at the center. The center will also offer programs in Trinity 3D , VFX film making and BSC in graphics and VFX from Jain University .

The Indian animation industry has grown rapidly in the last five years. According to a recent FICCI report, the Indian animation and VFX industry is growing in excess of 20 per cent.  As per a recent report, jointly prepared by EY and FICCI, the growth of the industry is expected to get a boost in the coming years.

The animation sector in India has been growing at a steady pace over the past few years and reached Rs 17 billion in 2017, registering a growth of 13 per cent over 2016. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11 per cent till 2020.

Commenting on the entrepreneurial drive, Aptech Asst. vice president Shajan Samuel said, “Karnataka is a state that heavily advocates higher education to all. The state has also been working on adapting its policy on animation, visual effects and comics sector (AVGC) in order to boost the industry in the state. Setting up a world class animation institute in Belgaum at this point in time is aligned with the cause of the government. And can provide great impetus to the development of the state. With over twenty years of experience, Arena Animation is focused on facilitating the youth with the right skills required for the future industries. We have trained over four lakh students globally since our inception and are extremely elated to proclaim that we are committed to empowering the youth of India in their journey to fulfill aspirations.”

Arena Animation Yelankaha business partner Yashwanth Reddy Nalamalapu is well equipped with the state of art facilities and is committed towards providing contemporary quality education to the students. It will provide the full range of Arena courses and focus on career programs. The students not only get exposure to the new age equipment used in industries but also to implement technical knowledge in practicality.

The new center was launched in the presence of the chief guest BOT VFX head of production Sukumar Sreenivas. He endorsed the need for skilled manpower and said that  Indian artist are much in demand for global projects as well.