Archangel’s dives into the RPG genre with ‘Bleak Faith’

The RPG market is growing each year by leaps and bounds with the rise of players’ interests and diverse availability of the RPGs. With the rapid inflow of revenue towards the RPG market, developers are making a beeline in a bid to explore this genre by creating a variety of new games. Bleak Faith is an upcoming third-person open-world survival horror action RPG whose developers recently revealed the sneak-peek of the game for the kick-starter campaign.In conversation with Animationxpress, Archangel Studio lead developer and CEO, Miso Vukcevic shared insight as to how they have developed the game. “We spend very little money in our lives, everything goes towards the game, but we work without a budget from the start so not having money doesn’t stop us,” said Vukcevic. According to them, the studio is fairly new and right now in its initial stages with two people in the studio. The game is close to action RPG which implies that its a game for gamers made by gamers with an aim to create a great story” The game will be initially available on PC  and the PS4 and Xbox after that. Bleak Faith aims to provide an emergent narrative method coupled with more structured traditional moments. The world of it is labyrinthine, tapping into an innate curious instinct with many defined branching choices – where the developers focused on creating a strong sense of curiosity about their path which has not been taken by offering unique and compelling content in every area of the world where the world employs both vast open areas, and more linear openness in Metroidvania fashion. Opening the world in Bleak Faith is a crucial aspect to show players the reality of the Forsaken. In this world, there are few havens for the Forsaken, and these are generally outposts which serve as bases (of various complexities and utility) to recover from journeys and prepare for more – however, nowhere is truly safe! Disagreeing with the notion that playing brutal combat games results in poor mental conditions, he said “reading a violent book, and watching a violent film won’t make you violent – why would a game? It’s not super brutal in terms of visuals, it’s brutal in terms of difficulty and challenge.” The biggest challenge in reaching the global audience remains to be the language.  At the Kickstarter page, the studio has also said, “The great thing about our studio and project is that it’s very small, and that means we don’t need too many resources to keep up the work we’ve been doing so far. The challenge is to reach the quality level of the best in the industry while maintaining a pace while we move forward. Having a financial resource from you guys will allow us to completely move into only developing this game, giving us a tremendous boost both logistically and in motivation. You can tell we have a lot to offer from what we’ve shown, but what’s to come is especially going to be impressive – we’ve laid the foundations of systems and gameplay already, and as a result progressive is going to be much more rapidly moving forward.” It’s been two years since they began the ideation of the storyline however it’s been only four odd months of the game development process and things are already starting to piece together like a charm. “The prototype is releasing in a few days but people loved what we showed so far. The game will launch in Q4 of 2019,” added he. Explaining the reason why there is a huge rush of action combat games, he shared that ‘action distracts people from their lives.’ That’s what attracts and engrosses people in action combat games. With the game, the studio aims in “finishing early access and integrating RTX into the game.”According to them, the audience can expect 50 hours of fun where there isn’t any specific target as the game is meant for everyone who enjoys games of a similar genre. The key areas that they focus on while designing a game on Unreal engine ,3d development software are the emotion and the atmosphere. They are not very fond of studio collaboration as they believe studio collaborations risk ruining a game. However, on outsourcing of project worldwide, he shared“outsourcing work is pretty simple if you have followers and if people are watching your work. Vendors are a little harder to get, but again, quality is the best way to convince anyone.” With the RPG title the studio shared an inspiring mantra for the budding game developers”Work hard and don’t give up. Even underdogs can end up victorious !”