Apple sees future in games through Apple TV

Apple has been a pioneer in introducing revolutionary technology ever since the first release of iPhone in 2007. The launch of iPhone gave a lease of life to games on a new platform. Apple is brewing something similar at their Silicon Valley offices for their upcoming event which is to debut the new phone iPhone 6S and the bigger iPad Pro. Apple may just introduce a revamped version of Apple TV at the event which will have heavy emphasis on gaming and challenge the traditional consoles. According to New York Times, the revamped box will have a starting price of $150 which will have a remote which will double up as a controller. Apple TV Although half the price compared to the consoles from Sony and Microsoft, it will be a difficult task to woo most of the hardcore gamers who are accustomed to playing graphics heavy games like Grand Theft Auto or Assassin’s Creed. But that is not a bad thing for Apple – which can still have an audience among the casual gamers who have a big market with the rise of smartphone games and eager to try out lighter and relaxing games. Apple has been one of the big gainers from the gaming front on its device and revenue-wise the tech giant too has seen profitability in this sector. There have been consoles which have traditionally focused on casual gaming on television but some have failed and others are still trying different formulas to make it work. We’ll have more clarity on this, at Apple’s event and time will only tell how much of this will convert into big sales numbers or how many Apple TVs we may see in the living rooms.