Animator Vaibhav More to start his own school of animation

Industry veteran and well-known name in the Indian animation industry is now going to share the valuable experience he has with animation enthusiasts, through an animation school. “I have always been inclined towards the teaching and promotion of animation. I had faced many problems when I was starting up in the industry, there were hardly any guidelines or courses for learning character animation and storytelling. So I feel it’s my duty to pass on my learnings to others now,” said More. More feels the need of a proper dedicated institution that really caters to the demand of the animation industry in India. The work culture and content is very different from the other countries, so More feels that his experience of handling the Indian mindset of the clients is a major plus that will be noticed in this course. More is starting the course for beginners with the basics of character animation. “I am not going to create a software oriented course. It’s always going to be content and quality oriented,” More added. He also hopes to branch into animation, VFX and maybe game design as well. There is no age barrier, anyone interested in learning this craft can enroll. These courses are going to be short and to the point and most importantly very pocket friendly. With the current situation, More plans to keep it online, using web seminars and workshops. And will start with the basics of character animation course in a month’s time. “In today’s market of super fast content creation, the only saviour of the quality of your work is the proper knowledge of animation. Knowledge can save time and time is money. So I believe I am starting at the right time,” he concluded. So, all enthusiasts out there! It’s time to make the most of the free time in your hands and too much overflowing creativity. Enroll to this amazing course and get your feet rowed in this every growing and demanding industry of animation.