Animated series, ‘Guddu’ launches on Disney and Hungama today, 18 May

Animated series, Guddu has launched on Disney and Hungama channels, today, 18 May. Disney’s kids network has never failed to entertain audiences across all age groups and has always given resonating and adorable characters. This summer as the country battles COVID-19 by extending lockdown, Disney India has curated fresh content of more than 100 hours to make quarantine fun and entertaining for kids. The broadcaster had earlier announced to have taken up three Cosmos-Maya shows – Guddu, Bapu and Gadget Guru Ganesha Guddu tells the story of the titular lion and his friends that run a circus in an all animal world. It is a high on drama show, and stands true to his catch phrase – “Guddu hain mera naam…Entertainment hain mera kaam.” With dramatic and hilarious dialogues and songs and dance, Guddu has a bollywood essence in it.  This show also introduces a bunch of quirky and fun characters. Besides the lion, there’s Veeru the rhino, Ballu the elephant, Bunty and Babli the flamingo couple and the three monkeys Chugli, Gugli and Ugli. All these characters have a distinct style and language of speaking, thus giving the show a local and regional flavour to it. and . For instance Chugli speaks as a Bengali, Babli as a Gujarati and Veeru as a Punjabi. Guddu is a total entertainer with the lion doing a summersault, beating goons and defeating enemies. Other characters, Billauri and Kallu, just add to the fun and adventure. The animated musical is also a visual treat for the viewers with a nice depiction of the animal world, colorful costumes, character antics and good writing. Kids are sure to get entertained with their new friend in town.