Animated series ‘Gnat & Tina’ is a 100 per cent quarantine project, produced via zoom call

Creative artists Brandon Martin and Eric J. Trujillo have created a new bi-weekly animated series titled Gnat & Tina. The very short short series was produced entirely via Zoom. Trujillo created characters and backgrounds in Adobe Illustrator, animated and composited in After Effects, and edited in Final Cut Pro. The idea for the series arose while the two filmmakers were musing about life in quarantine. Initially the duo wasn’t sure if it was feasible to produce an animated short film completely over zoom, with Martin in LA and Trujillo in Spain. The free time gave them an opportunity to address every obstacle they were facing. The cute, cheeky short chronicles the lives of two houseflies, tired of living life in the house, who go on a mission to get out and experience the world. Martin and Trujillo will drop new episodes every two weeks, and post animatics, GIFs, and other fun content in-between releases.┬áIn future episodes the duo is going to expand the world of the series, introduce a bunch of new characters. The debut episode of the 100 per cent quarantine project is up on YouTube with more episodes to come very soon. This shows where your passion can lead you and how to make the most of the time available.