AESF rolls out first SEA regional office in Bangkok

2020 is set to be a landmark year for the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) as we embark into new, uncharted territory following the success achieved in the past few years. Carrying on the momentum which saw Esports featured as a medal sport at last year’s SEA Games in Manila, the AESF will be hosting our first ever regional tournament for member associates, the AESF e-Masters happening in Chengdu, China later this year. In conjunction with that, a special media briefing event was held in Bangkok, Thailand this week to announce several correlating developments including qualifying stages of said tournament, team draws as well as the setting up of AESF’s very first regional office in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Explaining why Bangkok was chosen as the regional hub for the AESF, director general, Sebastian Lau said “Bangkok is chosen as home of our regional office in Southeast Asia region due to several strategic reasons – simply put, the city ticked all the boxes required for a base of AESF operations in the Southeast Asian region. Geographically, it is situated right in the heart of Southeast Asia, which makes it as one of the most connected cities in the region.Having seen the TESF achievements with their government support, I would like to extend my gratitude to  Santi Lothong for his strong support to the AESF and all the hard work put into developing Esports in the country as well as the continent. Therefore, I look forward to strengthening the working relationship with him and his federation now and in the near future.” The AESF Executive Board member and TESF president, Santi Lothong responded in an appreciation, stating “It is an honour indeed for the TESF to be the first hosting member association of an AESF regional office and we are keen to continue and nurture this relationship by playing an important role in transforming the Southeast Asia into the key region in Asia for the development and growth of the Esports on a global level.” Keen to get things going, Santi Lothong also shared his idea on a new competition, the ‘AESF Amateur League – SEA’ which is expected to deliver as a part of the AESF grassroot programs. “I believe that the AESF Amateur League will be a platform for us to groom more Esports players and fans and for aspiring Esports athletes to break into the professional scene by participating in such international and regional level competition. I do hope that this platform can be developed further across the continent.” Not limiting Esports to what we see on screen, the AESF announced that a special showcase featuring Drone Racing will be shown at the AESF e-Masters Chengdu 2020. Aiming to bring this new and exciting form of Esport to the public eye, the event will also see the attendance of the world’s first female Drone Racing Champion, Thailand’s very own 13-year old  Wanraya Wannapong. Also announced at the media brief was the total prize money for the inaugural AESF e-Masters tournament, which is $710,000. This prize money will be shared among the winners of the four contested categories and hopefully, serve as extra motivation for all participants.