Actress Brie Larson teases huge ‘Captain Marvel’ announcement today

Even before we get into the thick of the things in Avengers 4 and witness our favourite superheroes assemble on-screen for one last time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming up with it’s strongest Avenger ever introduced, Captain Marvel. And whilst the release is still half a year away and there hasn’t been any official trailer or poster yet, the wait is set to come to an end today. Hollywood actress Brie Larson, who plays the titular character, teased a major announcement on her official Twitter handle with American magazine Entertainment Weekly saying she wants to break the Internet, to which the latter replied, “Yes! Meet us here at noon ET. We’ve got something Marvel-ous in mind”. Now that’s a clear hint towards something pertaining to her next outing as the cosmic hero. This has already set the social media agog with some set of fans expecting the official trailer, while some speculate it’s only going to be an official poster for the movie. Normally, Entertainment Weekly release images or posters of a movie and something similar can be expected here too. However, that’s not all, as Larson also wrote “It’s a DATE” to EW’s announcement tweet, which means the trailer launch date of the movie may also be announced. And the day won’t be too far from this. Either way, it’s going to happen at 12pm BST today, so stay tuned! Based on Marvel comics, Captain Marvel is slated to release on 3 March 2019.