ACE Fair 2019 concludes with Indian companies participating in galore!

The four day Gwangju Ace Fair successfully concluded on 29 September,2019 at Kimdaejung Convention Center, South Korea. Virtualsoft is the official India partner agency and coordinator for ACE Fair. Along with AnimationXpress’s support, they have put together the biggest Indian Delegation to ACE Fair. Ace fair is a fabulous platform which connects the global animation Vfx, comics, gaming and virtual reality sectors with players across the globe. ACE Fair, South Korea offers a very cost-effective package for international and Indian buyers and sellers to interact with the Korean market.” Most of the participants were able to connect to companies across the globe expecting to bag some business and some other especially gaming companies had participated in anticipation to have international feedback on their games. Delegates from India for Acefair (2019):
  1. Meraki Films, Dinesh Raghav
  2. Meraki Films, Creado Snell
  3. Bhasin Studios, Ankur Bhasin
  4. Bhasin Studios, Sushil Bhasin
  5. Jugnu Kids, Kamal Pahuja
  6. Psypher Interactive, Ashish Daga
  7. ALT Balaji, Sudarshan Kadam
  8. Tanvi International, Sameer Gupte
  9. Lazy Couch, Rishi Raja
  10. Lazy Couch, Sai Teja
  11. Yash Raj Kapoor, Y-Gaming
  12. Lakshya Digital, Mukund Vashishta
  13. Lakshya Digital, Arjun Agnihotri
  14. Vineet Raj Kapoor, VirtualSoft Technologies
  15. Sameer Gupte, Tanvi International
  16. Jyoti Rautela, Prismart
  17. Ambar Nair, BFX CGI
  18. Navin Miranda, Graphic India
  19. Mohit Ahluwalia, Prismart
The Indian Delegation lead by Vineet Raj Kapoor presented Lee Yong-Seop, the Mayor of Gwangju with a memento. The mayor appreciated it and showed off the gift to everyone during his welcome address. The same was broadcast on TV as well
Leader of the Indian delegation Vineet Raj Kapoor shares, “Ace Fair is the most affordable way for an Indian Indie Studio to connect with the international content Buyers as well as network with peers of the Indian Content Industry. I have been participating at ACE Fair since 2007 and have found sufficient returns on my investments. Today I am happy to share my experiences with the Indian indie studios. Indie gaming studio, Lazy Couch CEO Rishi Raja said, “I am pretty pleased with the experience I gained from ACE Fair. This is my first international participation and I have gained great insights which would impact my future project designs. I hope to be able to fructify some of the business contacts I have made at ACE Fair 2019” The third and fourth day (28 and 29 September) of the Gwangju ACE Fair 2019 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Republic of Korea were an out and out B2C affair. ACE Fair is an amalgamation of categories spanning across broadcasting, audio visuals, animation, games, character and merchandise, edutainment and licensing, VR and AR, and much more that happens in Gwangju every year during September. The fair had also organized a half day culture tour for all the foreign delegates who were picked up in a bus from the convention center. The tour started with a trip to te food centre where the delegates themselves cooked a Korean meal wearing Korean traditional attire, and then had their dinner. This was followed with a guided trip to the penguin village which was a wonderful experience. Post dinner the delegates were taken to a Korean temple followed by a Korean fan painting session. The fourth day continued along the line of its previous day and similarly witnessed a huge number of attendees and visitors. Like every year, the concluding day of the Gwangju ACE Fair saw a brilliant display of cosplayers in which adults and kids participated wholeheartedly and went to great lengths to prepare and get dressed as their favorite anime characters.
Since 2006, ACE Fair has become the largest specialised exhibition in Kimdaejung Convention Center as it is enjoyed by global media professionals as well as everyday consumers.