A new creative head appointed at Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios

Walt DisneyIt was likely expected that Disney was going to appoint Jennifer Lee as the chief creative officer, while Pixar Animation Studios will appoint Pete Docter at the same position. Both will split John Lesseter’s duties to cover up the lag time and move forward with the new creative forces. The succession followed after Disney announced it was letting go John Lasseter from the end of this year. Certain allegations were made on him of improper behaviour towards women of the company. At present, he is working with the companies as the consultant. Earlier, Lee has co-directed Frozen and honoured with an Academy Award for best animated feature. She has also played a key role on the story team for Zootopia and is currently in production on Frozen 2, due out in November 2019. She had joined Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2011 as co-writer on Wreck-It Ralph. Docter has directed Inside Out, Up, and Monsters, Inc. He was also an executive producer on Brave and Monsters University. He is one of Pixar’s first employees and an original member of its brain trust. Both are expected to report to Alan Horn, the studio chairman. Both Jim Morris, president of Pixar Animation Studios, and Andrew Millstein, president of Walt Disney Animation Studios, will continue to report to Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios president Ed Catmull, who reports to Horn. Despite the bad news involving Lasseter, Disney’s animation team continues to deliver blockbuster hits. Last weekend, Incredibles 2 opened in America with enthusiasm from its fans and became the biggest animated debut in history, earning a massive $182.7 million.