A major shakeup within the DCEU between Warner Bros and DC

A tectonic shift beckons the DC cinematic universe, as a raft of changes are about to take place. The Warner Bros (WB) group has decided to take matters into their hands due to the impact received after the Justice League movie. Are you ready to read about what’s going on? I hope you are ready for the crazy things in store for the loyal fans. The first thing you need to know is that DC Films co-president and co-chairman Jon Berg has been asked to resign from his post, reported Variety. This has happened due to the negative and upsetting reviews of the Justice League movie by the audience. The films budget at release had a production cost of $300 million and has made a total of $636 million worldwide. The estimated gross worldwide for the film could range between $700-750 million. The film received mixed reviews from critics as well, whilst the Rotten Tomatoes score was a paltry 41 per cent and scored 3/5 on Hindustan Times. Even though the cinematic competition between DC and Marvel grows, the steps taken by Marvel clearly show that they have the upper hand. A search for a replacement for Berg and Jon is due to be announced by early January 2018. But that’s not all that is happening, as DC Entertainment CCO and DC Films co-chairman Geoff Johns has also been demoted, but will continue to work at DC’s television and comic book projects. The only plus side for Berg and Johns is that their Wonder Woman film had better success when compared to Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.
Jon Berg and Geoff Johns
Warner Bros has a lot of plans for the upcoming films as reported by Variety, but WB is not very happy with DC’s output so far. Time Warner, the parent company, too is frustrated with Warner Bros as their leaders have retained Zack Snyder, even though the production quality wasn’t up to the mark. While the director still maintains a production deal with the studio for producing films, he may also be relieved of his duties and replaced once the movies finish production.