2D animation, the traditional way that reached our hearts and minds

Pictures speak a thousand words. And, animated pictures speak billions! With animation taking a huge place in our everyday life, it’s fun and informative at the same time. Not just limited to kids anymore, animation is becoming a way of expressing in a more fruitful way. The subtle, traditional form of animation which marked the beginning of this amazing art, 2D animation is deprived of the attention it received years ago. With Disney’s last 2D animation being released in 2011, are we seeing the doom of the traditional animation technique? No doubt 3D animation is a brilliant way of going near reality, making the characters look real and eye-catching, but 2D animation had its own aura. The simplistic drawing art made way to our hearts and even though not very realistic, portrayed the message rightly and beautifully, with the right content. Let’s have a look at some of the creatively made animated shorts using this very simplistic 2D technique: The Song for Rain With a simple line art and strong content, this short told everything it should without the need for words. Directed and written by Zheng Ya Wen, the soft background music by Min He and Jared Banta together create the perfect Sound For Rain. The unlikely friendship between a little boy and a red fox depicts the relation between the uncanny similar feelings the rural and urban crowd have. It manages to engage the audience effortlessly, keeping them hoping for more. Some Thing Produced by Filmakademie and directed by Elena Walf, this simple animated short rightly depicts the art of 2D. This film doesn’t have any dialogue, no heavy graphics, no bright colours or any other element to make it appealing. Still, the content makes it all the more appealing and adorable. The main treasures like oil, gold or fire inside the mountains bring out their pride in not a good way. And, how the tiny mountain reacts to their behaviour and keeps himself motivated not just by being tiny and useless but SOME THING. Dark Dark Woods Young princess has had enough of her royal life. Tired and overwhelmed, she goes into an adventure in the monster world, a dark dark wood. Beautifully scripted and more beautifully illustrated, this short relates to all. Written by Alexandre Hatimi and Louise Hovgard and directed by Emile Gignoux, Dark Dark Woods will take you on a ride into reality and makes you understand when to and when not to let the responsibilities burden you. The animation may have changed its ways, but the roots remain strong and firm. Though 2D animation is taking a backseat, we won’t let it vanish from the screens. With more content and films to talk about, will soon come up with another topic to keep all minds wondering and hearts pounding for more.