2019: Here are 10 of our most read stories!

2019 is almost at the end and it has been a year of highs and lows. We have traversed through the sectors of animation, VFX, gaming, comics and many sub sectors related to it. While we have our personal favourites, here are 10 stories which were among the most read ones: > We take a dekko at the trends of Blockchain technology around the world and its implications, while also keeping in mind how the Indian scenario is taking it up. You can read the story here: Is blockchain in India yet to become reality? > Indian comics have portrayed super heroines and heroes alike. While the world attempts to move towards women empowerment in every sphere, these characters remind us of girl-power! You can read the story here: The heroines of Indian comic world.   > Gaming in India is a lucrative market now. While IPs are slowly making their way out, service and outsourcing has been a crucial part of the ecosystem. What is the scenario like in the country? You can read the story here: Does outsourcing of projects help in the ease of game development?   >As the landscape of the country gets dotted with more and more animation studios, the demand for talent is on an all time high as well. However, the animation companies have some guidelines before they recruit a candidate, we find out what some of them are. You can read the story here: Here’s what animation studios look for in a candidate.   >Indian animation industry not only saw kids broadcasters creating interesting animated IPs, but also how they marketed their shows and characters to gain more eyeballs and establish them as brands. What went behind these campaigns? You can read the story here: How marketing strategies are facilitating the creation of bigger brands out of Indian animated IPs   > While the VFX industry in the country is setting bars really high with newer technologies and challenging projects, what does the ecosystem look like from the perspective of an overseas VFX veteran? You can read the story here: A foreign perspective on Indian VFX scene.   > From special plans to subscription collaborations, telcos and OTTs in the country had a gala time. With growing numbers of smartphone users and the originals rush in the country’s OTT space, the scenario looked fresh. You can read the story here: Telco-OTT partnership: India’s new gold rush   > One of the more intriguing topics in technology space now is Blockchain and its varied applications. While the buzz around it is real, how much of it is actual reality? You can read the story here: Is blockchain technology a game-changer?   >With the rise of IP creation, a large slice of revenues come from the L&M sector. While the market has been fantastic overseas, India too is seemingly picking pace! You can read the story here: Indian IPs make an indelible mark in L&M market   >Another hot topic in terms of technology was the implications of artificial intelligence. While the benefits can be gauged in many industries, gaming has been at the forefront of it. How is it shaping the future of gaming? You can read the story here: How AI is transforming the gaming ecosystem  

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