10 minutes of ‘Blair Witch’ gameplay surfaces online

During Xbox’s E3 presser last month, Bloober Team revealed their next horror title. Based on the universe created by the films, the Blair Witch game will sure get players’ hearts racing as they deal with all sorts of creepy things. Fans have been curious about the game ever since the announcement, without a ton of information being provided by the devs. We’ve learned about some of the gameplay details, including combat and time loops, but as we are a month away from launch, we now have a look at 10 minutes of glorious gameplay. Its been a month since Bloober Team revealed their forthcoming horror title which was going to be based on the universe created by the films, the Blair Witch game, leaving the players in anticipation of its release. Fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since it was announced. Recently Game Informer treated fans with 10 minutes of Blair Witch gameplay. It’s not known as to where exactly in the game the footage above is from, but it seems to be around the start of the game. The player character is traversing the forest and beginning to realise that something is remiss. To aid us in our journey, your faithful canine friend, Bullet, will be your guide. Blair Witch is set to officially drop on 30 August 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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