Q & A with Games2win CEO Alok Kejriwal

Games2win India has recently announced the launch of the “Temple of 7”- a unique talent platform for all gamers in India. AnimationXpress Money Sharma spoke to Alok Kejriwal, CEO of Games2win to know more about T7. Excerpts…

What is the idea behind launching T7?
Gaming is becoming a passion with the youth nowadays. With gaming becoming a rage, parents are worried about their children getting addicted to it. By providing a platform such as T7 where gamers actually make money by playing gameswe, want to encourage the youth as well as create a talent pool for the growing industry.

We will also get the brands to sponsor the gamers and gaming events launched by us. The gamers who are professionally in this field can be a part of the team. These gamers have the option of later on joining companies like Games2win as game designers, programmers and the like.

What was the criteria to select the gamers?
The gamers who have been chosen are winners of various gaming tournaments in India. The team includes Mikhail Mehra – Winner of World Game Masters Tournament 2006 India, Ben Varghese – Winner of World Cyber Games 2006 India, Amar Ratnam – Winner of Electronic Sports World Cup, Ritesh Shah – Winner of Kode 5 2006 India, Hasnain Sayed – Winner of Reliance Game Box 2007, Dhruv Mody- World Cyber Games 2005 International final 16, Arun Singh Ravi- World Cyber Games 2006 India, Electronic Sports World Cup 2006.

What will the revenue model be for the team members of T7?
We have inked a deal with the gamers. They will be provided a regular salary on monthly basis and several chances to participate in different tournaments accross the globe. In addition to this the prize of the tournament will also be part of the reward. But whatever the revenue they will earn from sponsorships and advertisers, we will have a share from it. Moreover, it�s our responsibility to get sponsorships and advertisement for the gamers.

Any plan for the expansion of T7?
Currently, we have made a team of seven gamers. Depending on the opportunities, the team size will increase.

Which tournaments will T7 participate in?
They’ll participate in games across India and world and will be funded by Games2win. As online tournaments are very common nowadays, we are trying to focus on offline tournaments where a whole team can participate. In the initial stage, online tournaments are good to start with.

How will the members of the team be divided to participate in each tournament? Is it going to be an entirely team centered effort or will there be individual participation as well?
Team work is of course significant. Depending on the programme schedule and the criteria of tournament, will the team members participate.

How does one join T7?
Our website will be functional in a short time where all the details regarding participation and our plans will be mentioned. Additionally, we will have professional trainers and mentors who will train the gamers. Our basic requirement of those wanting to join is a “Passion for gaming”.


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