In conversation with Greengold Founder & Chhota Bheem Director Rajiv Chilaka

What’s fresh in Chhota Bheem 2, what would be its synopsis, new characters?What will be its duration? The new movie of Chhota Bheem with approximate duration of 100 mins is titled “Chhota Bheem & the Throne of Bali”. On an invitation from the King of Bali, Bheem & team head out to Bali to attend the crown Prince ceremony. But before they can reach Bali, the kingdom is captured by evil Rangda who also arrests the King & queen of Bali. However the little Crown Prince manages to escape and alliances with Bheem to take on Rangda. How much time has it taken to work on the script for Chhota Bheem 2? As a lot of research on Bali was involved, the script has taken us about 6 months to complete. We had to study various books on Bali to make sure that we get the facts right about Bali. When did you start working on the movie? On the 1st day of Navratri, i.e, 16th Oct 2012, we started to work on the pre-production of the movie. How many people are currently working on the movie and it is in which stage? Around 25 people are working in the pre-production stage, which we expect to finish in 3 months. Overall 250-300 people would work on this project. Chhota Bheem 1 has already won many hearts, according to you, how will Chhota Bheem 2 contribute and make a new place in the minds of the audience? For us this movie is very special and close to heart. We believe that the movie has all the ingredients that the kids would love. This movie would be full of Action, Adventure & comedy. The script has been wonderfully written by our very talented writers Darshana and Teja. What amount of Research is being undertaken for the movie? We had to study various books on Bali to make sure that we get the facts right about Bali. We spent over 6 months studying Balinese Culture, Music, Dance, food etc. In fact we are shortly going to send our Music Director & Pre-Production team to Bali to further study its locations, Culture, Dance & Music. Can you share the key people associated with Chhota Bheem 2? For this movie, I would continue to be the director; I am happy that we have a very experienced Ross Adorable, who would be the Animation Director, Binayak Das would be the Assistant Director, Writers: Darshana & Teja, Creative Manager; Arpita, Pre-Production: Anirban & Manas, Key BGs: Pramod, Siba & Debalina, Layout: JP, Post Production: Sandeep, Production Managers- Anju & Manohar, Music by Sunil Kaushik, Voice Direction-Alka AMarkant Dubey, Producers: Rajiv & Samir. What type of medium is used to execute Chhota Bheem 2? This movie would be primarily 2D Animation, but we will be also using 3D in bits. Any special technology or software you are using for Chhota Bheem 2? We would be using softwares like Flash, Toon Boom, After FX, Photoshop, etc for the production. As a Director, are you really standing in Chhota Bheem’s place and thinking about the Dialogues and execution? Yes and no. I really know my team’s strength, I believe that each specific job is best left to the experts in the field. Of course I get in to all the details, I do change certain things during production but I keep the team informed and also take their approval. When we have disagreements we usually sleep over the idea, and go with whatever is funnier or logical. What will be or is the most challenging part of developing Chhota Bheem 2? The most challenging part for this movie is its locations & Character designs, as most of it is based on Bali.  We have a Song sequence which would be based on traditional Balinese Music & Dance. According to you, what will be the USP of the movie? Besides Chhota Bheem & Team, the USP would be its story and grand execution. The story has all the ingredients that Kids love. How is the movie different from Chhota Bheem 1? Even though the kids thoroughly enjoyed Chhota Bheem 1, as makers we felt we could have done a lot better. Although the movie had the kids completely engrossed, they only laughed about 10 times on an average during the entire movie. For the new movie, the kids would probably laugh upto 100 times. We would have 4 songs in this one compared to two in the first one. Overall movie 2 would have a lot more entertainment for the kids. Would you like to share the production budget? The movie would be produced under 2 Million dollar budget, which is inclusive of Music. What are your expectations with the movie? We have very high expectations for this movie. We plan to release this in 10-12 countries besides India. When are you planning to release it and on which all mediums? We are planning to release the movie on 3rd May 2013. This would be a 2D film, we believe our primary audience (2-10 year olds) may be more comfortable without the glasses. As a director and a viewer, why would you recommend Chhota Bheem 2? Bheem, India’s favorite Animated Kid, is really tested in this movie. For me, its Bheem making new friends on an exotic Island and then taking on an all powerful enemy, is the highlight of the movie.