Real Image launches Softimage/XSI courses in Mumbai

nullReal Image training, the training arm of Real Image Technologies which markets Softimage /XSI in India has recently announced the launch of its Softimage training courses. Currently more than 95% of the 3D animation and gaming industry uses ‘off the shelf’ software to execute its productions. Amongst the top 3 software are Maya, Max and Softimage/XSI. While a lot of institutes offer certified training in Max and Maya, most of the artists who’ve trained on Softimage are either self taught or have learnt in a real time environment. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Real Image’s Siddharth Bolurker said that, “The need for an XSI specific course is immense considering the growth in the number of productions and studios adopting XSI as their tool of choice. Being the first XSI institute in the country we`re looking at providing quality XSI education along with Softimage certification, thus increasing the pool of XSI artists in India” Patrick Greene, European Business Manager for Softimage commented:”We’re delighted that we can now offer high quality XSI training in India, this is a rapidly growing market for us and we want to be able to back up our strong product offering with excellent training opportunities for new and experienced animators. “XSI has a huge array of cutting edge tools that really speed up production, and it’s only with the proper training that animators can make full use of these benefits. The team at Real Image have the skills and courses to rapidly educate teams of animators to make full use of the XSI toolset and deliver real savings to facilities – and real opportunities to trained animators.” “We will be working closely with Siddharth and his team to ensure they have the support they need to succeed” nullReal Image has begun with 2 courses on Softimage XSI, the first course targeted at entry level animators costs Rs, 30,000 and the duration of the course is 8 weeks with training imparted for 5 hrs every day. Students would recieve a certificate from Softimage after completing the course. The second course on offer is a transitional course for experienced animators on other software, looking to master XSI. This is a 2 week long crash course and the cost is Rs 15,000. “Class time is divided between demonstrations and hands-on practice. The maximum number of students per batch will be 5 and there will be 2 faculty to coach and oversee them”added Bolurker. “Shortly we shall begin a marketing drive in colleges and institutes where we shall demo our products and hold workshops” he concluded.