YRF signs on FXLabs for Dhoom 2 PC game

nullHere‘s some Big News as the Indian entertainment mainstream embraces animation and gaming into its fold. Yashraj Films has signed an exclusive agreement with Hyderabad based FXLabs to develop a PC game based on the popular action thriller Dhoom 2. Commenting on the tie-up, Sanjeev Kohli, CEO, Yashraj Films, said “Gaming is fast gaining acceptance among our target audience and this is the first time an Indian movie is being extended into a game. Dhoom had become a favorite film with youngsters and Dhoom 2 has gone a step beyond. The Dhoom 2 videogame will feature characters from the movie as well as all the action and excitement our fans have come to expect.” “FXLabs was the obvious choice for us when we decided to move into this exciting new medium. The talent and experience that they bring to the table is unmatched, and their passion for this project shows in the quality of their work,” he added. Speaking to AnimationXpress.com, Shashi Reddy, Co-founder and Chairman of FX labs shared, “The action based game has used extensive hi end graphics in 3D giving the game a realistic look and feel. Estimated to be of a budget close to four crores, the game will be made available to the consumers at a cost between Rs. 600-900” “Dhoom 2, the game is a first of its kind since this is for the first time that a game is being developed on a Bollywood movie for the PC platform unlike many others which have been solely for mobiles. Being a blockbuster, the movie was an obvious choice for us and the action in the game will keep the players immersed in it while relating to them at the same time.” The gameplay of the game is single player RPG. Work on the game began in November 2006 and is slated to release in October 2007. Marketing partners for the action game is Yashraj Films. The game poses to bear a close resemblance to most characters in the movie such as Mr. A (Aryan) Jai, Sunehri, Ali and Shonali and many more. Adding further, Reddy shared , “We are excited to be doing the first full fledged games based on Bollywood property and we are thrilled to be a part of Yashraj films to do this exciting game. We believe like Indian consumer all around the world are looking forward.” Sanjay Gadhvi, Director of Dhoom 2 shared, “I am very proud and happy and it makes me feel very good as it is a very clever move on the part of Yashraj films as they have always been visionaries and have always thought far ahead. It is only a natural extension of the Dhoom Franchise.” “I hope the game will do well in the market. If YRF has decided to make the game, then they must have done research on it and they must know for sure that this is something that will be successful” he pointed out. . connect@animationxpress.com

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