World Cyber Games launches

World Cyber Games, one of the biggest annual global gaming competitions, has announced the launch of the May 17, 2006 onwards the online destination has become accessible to gamers worldwide who have the opportunity to play online matches all year through under the WCG title and access clans, as well as online community activities. will provide three main services. – The first being, year-round online matches for StarCraft®, Brood WarTM , Warcraft® and Frozen Throne through the WCG server in; -The second being gamers’ online community activities, with a replay file uploading board, online forums, and WCG global ranking service; – Lastly it would also serve as the hub for worldwide online clans and facilitate the online national preliminaries in WCG participating countries. Hoon Kim, the head of WCG operations shared, “ is designed for gamers to enjoy games throughout the year and to exchange opinions.” “It is also a solution for WCG strategic partners to reduce the expenses they have in running national online preliminaries in specific territories. Through discussion and collaboration with strategic partners in WCG participating countries, we will further explore ways to connect WCG Global rankings into all national preliminaries, strengthen the multi-language service, and expand the year-round online matches in other WCG official games such as Half-Life®, Counter-Strike 1.6, and FIFA Soccer 06 TM .” he added. Gamers will now be able to compete with one another via the WCG server in by simply installing ‘GamOn’, the launching program of WCG online matches. To facilitate community services, supports solutions for eight languages including English, Chinese, Korean, and soon will be implementing a multi-language service expanded to all services in