‘Witchcraft’ debuts this Halloween season with a free demo for PC

A classically stylish point-and-click adventure game Witchcraft debuts this Halloween season with a free demo for Window’s PC, available for download on Steam.

Set in the medieval era, you play the role of a young orphan girl possessing a strange gift. An occult power which you’ve kept a secret for all of your life. After being falsely accused of Witchcraft and sentenced to death, an unforeseen twist of fate sets you free again, but your life as you knew it is over. Hunted by the King’s henchmen, you set off on a harrowing journey to unlock your supernatural powers, and discover the occult mysteries surrounding your hidden past.

According to the game’s author, “A lot of games claim to break boundaries, but Witchcraft actually does. Many people will probably not be able to get past the premise of Witchcraft in the game’s demo, but that’s alright, because the game was designed to make people feel like they were doing something a little forbidden and taboo in the beginning. That’s how some of the most interesting stories and journeys always begin.”

Game Features:

– A mature, dark fantasy tale with adult themes and controversial subject-matter.
– Detailed animations and cinematic visual effects, with 640×360 graphics resolution.
– An epic musical score and thrilling sound effects.
– Characters fully voiced by professional actors.
– Over 100 different locations to discover, illustrated and brought to life with animated effects.
– Traditional adventure game play with a twist, based on Witchcraft and European folklore.

The full game of Witchcraft is slated to be released in early 2022.