WinZO is the official sponsor of gaming house XO Space

WinZO,  is the official sponsor of XO Space, India’s  gaming house that is being hosted by its parent company Esports XO. 

The gaming house will feature India’s 40 biggest and most followed Freefire Youtubers and streamers with a combined subscriber base of 75 million+. Pro Freefire Gamers such as ProNation and Dev Alone will be participating in this 11-month long competition which will be live streamed on WinZO and YouTube.

The content will be hosted on the vernacular app, WinZO, in multiple languages to propel the reach to the deeper parts of Bharat. Within a week of launch, this event is projected to garner 1 Billion+ eyeballs, alone over YouTube.  XO Space is also witnessing participation from Indian Sub-continent and countries such as  Bangladesh, Nepal and other South East Asian countries. While this is an opportunity to build further on the streaming ecosystem, the winning  team of the XO space will be rewarded with a Cash prize worth Rs.11 lacs.