Wemade adds more dramatic updates to its ‘MIR4’ masterpiece

Wemade updates its masterpiece MMORPG MIR4’s core PvP battle content, Bicheon Castle Siege, on 16 November. Updates will include an in-game event, Siege Eve.

The era of global war begins! A great war that overwhelms the world is unveiling with the newest update – Bicheon Castle Siege. A fierce battle will take place between the Offense Siege clans and the Defense Siege clans. Bicheon Castle Siege is a large-scale battle with a maximum of 150 participants being allowed for each of the offense and defense factions. The battle will last for one hour and will take place every four weeks on Sunday at 10 pm in each server time, beginning on 28 November. Any clan that has achieved level one or higher of the clan skill Defense Formation, and wins the siege auction with clan funds, can participate in this epic battle. The winner will be decided by the Monolith located within the defensive camp; if it is destroyed, the offense side wins, if not, the defense side wins. Each battle will be preceded by a Siege Eve event that is held to support clan members. The first event will be held from 22 November through 27 November.

The victorious clan can collect taxes in transaction fees from trades occurring in the market, plus additional taxes in Darksteel from the mining proceeds in the Hidden Valleys. With the absolute power of the king, clan members may be granted official positions of authority or be rewarded with exclusive items from the clan shop.

Lastly, ‘Exchange by XDRACO’, where XDRACO items can be traded, will open on 23 November. XDRACO items can be obtained through in-game item drop and DSP (DRACO Staking Program), providing a range of transactions between players without restrictions and can be traded beyond the boundaries of regions and servers.